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The Eddie & Alyce Mandell Memorial Scholarship Fund

As our country faces another critical point in its history,  confronting racism and inequality and  challenged to address the distance between the promise of America and its current state, we all must do the hard work, every day, of making  our country better and move it closer to the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Eddie & Alyce Mandell believed in that dream and lived their lives exemplifying that ideal. In their  memory and honor, The Eddie & Alyce Mandell Memorial Scholarship Fund continues its mission, toward making that dream a reality, by helping one student at a time. 



2023 Eddie & Alyce Mandell Memorial Scholarship Fund Recipients Eliann Soto, Keilyn Peguero, Sarelis Arias Vasquez, with Fund President, Bill Mandell, Robbie Mandell and Kimberly Nidah, Vice President of Development at uAspire

​Eddie Mandell


Alyce0007 (2).jpg

​Alyce Mandell


Founded in 1996 in the spirit of Eddie & Alyce Mandell, the EAMMSF has sought to help students from Boston Public Schools realize their dreams for higher education.  Since its founding, thanks to generous donors, we have awarded over $100,000.00 in scholarships to over 100 students through the uAspire program.

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