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About Us

Eddie Mandell was a first generation American who grew up in Roxbury and attended Charlestown High School. During his lifetime, he was dedicated to helping children and spent much of his time volunteering to that effect in his adopted community of Newton, though he still loved to bring together friends from the old neighborhood in Boston.  While he never had the financial means to attend college, he felt that education was the great equalizer in our society, and that a college education was of vital importance in opening up the doors of opportunity, fulfilling one’s  dreams  and becoming fully enfranchised in American society.

We now also commemorate the memory of Eddie and Alyce together, as they both valued education and giving a helping hand to kids to achieve their dreams.

​​Our mission is to commemorate the life and spirit of Eddie & Alyce Mandell by raising funds to assist Boston Public High School grads attend college. We are a Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization, and all contributions are fully tax deductible.

Please help us continue to fund fantastic aspiring students from the City of Boston to realize their dream of a college education. Your generosity will connect you to the life affirming hopeful spirit of Eddie and Alyce Mandell and make a real difference in these kids’ lives.  Kordell Harris, a 2014 Eddie Mandell Scholar, told us that the Scholarship he received “made a huge difference for me because it helped me and my family’s financial status as I was entering my freshman year of college. It also helped me focus on my academics.”

Our Board of Directors

Kerri Brann

Edward Feldman

William Mandell

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