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uAspire’s mission is to ensure that all young people have the financial information and resources necessary to find an affordable path to — and through — a post-secondary education. To accomplish this mission, uAspire provides financial aid advice to young people and their families by partnering with schools and community organizations to help them overcome the financial barriers to higher education. uAspire provides college affordability guidance and information to students starting in seventh grade until the end of their undergraduate career in many major cities nationwide as well as providing training, tools, and ongoing support to front-line practitioners at school districts, charter management organizations, and community-based organizations across the country. uAspire is committed to the goal of all young people having the opportunity to reach their full potential by graduating from college, regardless of their families' financial resources or college experience. We at EAMMSF are proud of our on-going support and collaboration with uAspire to fund last-dollar scholarships to Boston High School graduates and help make their dream of a college education and degree a reality.

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